Diskatia None Sweeter

                                                                    Black bitch born 22.09.2006. 

                                                                    Sire: VWW Int Ch Chataway Fox Mulder
                                                                    Dam: Ch Diskatia Nectarine



This lovely creature was born 22.09.2006. in the litter of 8 pups, she was the 8th :) ... the smallest but sweetest pup, so she absolutely deserved her name NONE SWEETER...

14.11.2007.- It was a day when she came in my home and from that moment she stole hearts of all house members. Little beauty grew quickly and at 3 months old she already had lovely long black coat, so we decided that named her CHUPKA (in english it's means something like 'curly girl'). Now Chupka became lovely cocker but first of all she is a true and loyal friend! Also, Chupka is a little clown, always full of energy and fun with real 'cockery' temperament, me and my family enjoy every moment with her.. She made my life so happy and I truly hope we'll have many unforgettable moments together in the future...

Many thanks to her breeder Ivan Ciric (kennel Diskatia) for letting me have this little angel!